We provide our customers with live, GPS-tracked leaflet delivery, so they can watch the leaflets being delivered in real-time. This provides peace of mind that the leaflets are not just being dumped but also means that our distributors can be responsive to our customer's needs.

Unlike other tracking services, which track the location of just one vehicle, each of our leaflet distributors are provided with their own personal tracker, which record's their position every few seconds to within an accuracy of 5 a metre radius and uploads this, as they deliver, to our online customer tracking portal.

This service is particularly popular with companies sending leaflets or notices that require proof of delivery. For example, businesses sending out planning notices can ensure 100% coverage and provide residents with the exact time and date that the leaflet was delivered to a resident's door.

In addition to this, we can provide you with mapped demographics data, so you can target your direct marketing more precisely. Read more about our demographics mapping here.

When the leaflet drop has finished, we will provide you with full reports which show the number of properites that were visited, the total number of properites in the area and how many were missed and the specific addresses that were missed (they are usually missed because they are no longer present or under maintenance). This is especially important for planning applications where 100% coverage needs to be achieved.


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