Want to increase sales & enquiries with a successful Kenilworth leaflet distribution campaign?

Choosing the right partner is essential in ensuring that your advertising spend is not wasted on poorly targeted leaflet delivery.

For leaflet delivery, direct marketing and circular distribution in Kenilworth, look no further than Defenda Leaflet Distribution. We have been providing the highest standard of direct marketing such as leaflet distribution for close to two decades and have a reputation for unparalelled service and accuracy. From take-away menus or promotional flyers for local retailers, restaurants, gyms, estate agents, lettings managers, recruiters & statutory notices, Defenda Leaflet Distribution can help you plan a successful & financially rewarding campaign. Our attention to detail & campaign pre-planning will ensure you maximise responses above what other distribution companies can provide.

We do this because we offer 3 services that other companies do not:

  1. Live-tracked leaflet delivery, with information updated to our website in real-time, which tracks every individual leafleter, not just the van that carries them.
  2. Advanced reporting. On job completion, you will be provided with an interactive map and a report which shows where the leaflet deliveries were made, the time and date they were made and the number of leaflet deliveries made.
  3. Demographics-targeting. With extensive information on Kenilworth and Warwickshire, we can make sure that you only target areas that contain the relevant demographics. If you need to target over 60s or under 30s, we can accommodate you. If you only want to target people in rented accommodation or only those in privately-owned houses, we can provide you with demographics data to make sure that your mail shot reaches the relevant households.

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