At Defenda Leaflet Distribution, we have developed a unique system for demographic targetting, so that our customers can be sure that their leaflets are reaching the right people and are not beling delivered to those who would have no interest in the products or services being offered.

Using data from the UK Census and our own mapping skills and in-house GIS System, we generate mapping information on any demographic sector that may be relevant to your business.

We, or our customers, can then select the areas where leaflets are to be delivered based on what we learn from the mapping data, thus ensuring that leaflets most of the leaflets are only delievered to those who would find the infromation within relevant.

Some examples of demographic mapping we have provided for our customers include:

  • Wealth
  • Mean Age
  • Concentration of social housing
  • Concentration of privately owned housing.
  • Percentage of households with children
  • Ethnic background of residents
  • Average earnings of residents
  • Average value of properties
  • Concentration of student housing

We offer the demographic mapping service separately from leafletting, so if you are only interested in demographics data for a certain area in the UK, please feel free to contact us on 02476 465000 or email us.